This new DVD will show you...


Introducing a way to spend seven times
less on your drinking budget whilst
enjoying home brew that beats the
top breweries at their own game!

How To Brew Lager
...from Scratch

"I'm Going To Show You How To Brew
'Better Than' Commercial Quality

Pilsner Style Lager...From Home!


"You are going to have friends, family
and neighbours beating down your door
to get at your home brew!"

Have you ever wondered
if you could brew your
own lager and make it
as good or even better
than 'commercial'

Maybe you've tried a lager kit or two
and had zero success doing this?

Perhaps you've tried 'extract brewing'
and failed miserably to reproduce
that perfect lager taste?

If, like me, you're fed up with
inferior and tasteless home brews
then you've certainly come
to the right place!

Read on to find out how I can help you...

Listen to an Audio Message
from Dan Nelson

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Dear Fellow Home Brewer,

I'm Dan Nelson, a Surrey-based, UK home brewer.

I've been home brewing for over 10 years.

Here's some background information...

Around 6 years ago I met a guy who was a very passionate beer brewer,
one day I got the opportunity to sample a bottle of his most recent brew.
I was totally amazed at the quality, the wonderful flavours, the generous
hop aroma, the clarity, in fact the whole package added up to one of
the finest brews I’d ever tasted.

I was desperate to find out how this guy had brewed it. So I asked him...

He told me not to bother at all with beer kits, he also said that I shouldn’t
bother using any kind of malt extract in my brews. Instead he told me to
follow the ‘All Grain’ brewing approach. So I decided to take his advice
and since then I’ve never looked back.

My advice to you is the same, ditch those dodgy beerkits and
don’t bother using malt extracts, you should make the effort and stick to
'All Grain' brewing methods, I won’t ever look back if you do.

...and besides, all the major commercial breweries use an 'All Grain'
brewing approach and so why shouldn't we copy them!

But there's a BIG PROBLEM with 'All Grain Brewing'

The problem is one of confusion. There are dozens of books, websites
and forums on 'All Grain' brewing, everyone has got their own opinion
and 'special way' of doing things. Things are so bad that if you ask
10 brewers how they maketheir beer…you’ll get 11 different replies!

For the novice home brewer it really is a complete nightmare to find the
right information all in one place. In fact, it's nearly impossible...until now.

It cost me a great deal of time, frustration and money to learn how to brew
correctly and consistently, it’s a complicated process and so needs to be
broken down into small and manageable steps. I don’t want other home
brewers to go through what I had to, this is what this DVD is all about,
it explains everything you’ll need to know to create fabulous lager brews
but without the painful learning curve and without the dreadful frustration
of making the same mistakes I did when I first started.

I'm on a 'one man mission' to teach people how to brew their own lager
without having to spend months trying to figure it all out. With my DVD you
won't need to
figure out anything because I've done all the work for you!

Just relax, crack open a chilled beer and watch my DVD. Right before your
eyes you'll see how the whole brewing process is done...from start to finish.

I want your very first 5 Gallon 'All Grain' batch to be a total success,
simply follow the steps on this DVD and it will be.

Like most home brewers I had several motivations for getting into
'All Grain' brewing...

Why did you decide to get into ‘All Grain’ brewing?

Like most home brewers I had several motivations...

I was looking for a hobby linked to something I felt passionate about.
I’ve always loved beer and so it made sense to pursue home brewing
as an interesting and enjoyable hobby.

I wanted to save some money by brewing my own pints, I used to spend
around £3.00 per pint in pubs, by brewing my own it costs me around
40p per pint, that’s more than 7 times cheaper than pub prices and it
tastes so much better too!

I wanted to be able to effectively ‘copy’ certain commercial beer recipes.
The only true, consistent and reliable way to do this is by adopting an
‘All Grain’ brewing methodology.

Most of all, I wanted to design and create entirely new beer recipes,
these would be entirely unique to my home brewery, this is what I
believe home brewing is really about, you get the chance to create
brews that are not available anywhere else in the world!

Finally...I’m a guy who really enjoys a challenge, I found kit and
extract brewing far too easy and was looking for something more
complex, I found ‘All Grain’ brewing to completely satisfy that need.

Honestly, I’ve never looked back and I really hope it turns out the
same for you.

Are you looking for a new hobby?
One that will hold your interest for the rest of your life?
An enjoyable and rewarding hobby that will also save you money
Have you considered home brewing?

Then read on...

So what's on the DVD?

This home brewing DVD is jam packed with essential information that will
enable you to brew better than 'commercial quality' lager using world class
brewing techniques.

This DVD is simply a 'must have' addition to any home brewer's personal library.

On this Home Brewing DVD you'll discover...

  • Exactly How To Treat Your Brewing Water
    Most home brewers don't even bother...BIG MISTAKE!

  • How to Set Up Your Home Brewery...From Scratch
    All the Equipment You'll Need and Where To Get it From

  • How To Properly Sanitise Your Brewing Equipment
    There are things you can easily miss here, believe me!

  • The Essential Ingredients of a Great Lager Brew
    I'll show you one of my favourite lager recipes

  • How To Prepare Your Brewing Ingredients
    I'll give you precise weighing amounts for everything

  • How To Create a 'Yeast Starter'
    If you thought it was okay not to bother then think again!

  • How To 'Mash', 'Sparge' and 'Boil' Effectively
    Get these critical processes wrong and you'll fail every time!

  • The Two Temperatures You Simply Have To Hit During Your Mash
    Miss these critical temperature points and it's all over for your brew!

  • How To Avoid Using an 'Air Lock'
    Air lock devices are costly, messy and difficult to clean properly, so why
    use them if you don't have to? I'll show you a much better and practically
    free alternative.

  • How To Use a 'Beer Hydrometer'
    Many home brewers out there are not taking accurate hydrometer
    readings, I'll show you how to get this right

  • Why The 'Fermentation Process' Needs To Be Split into 3 Stages

  • How To Cool Down Your Boiling Hot Lager Wort in Less Than 20 minutes!

  • Which Hops To Use and How To Use Them

  • How To Eliminate 'Chill Haze' By Adding 'Sea Weed' To Your Boiler!

  • How to Easily Carbonate Your Home Brew
    You'll need to be very careful here, lager is a 'special case' and it's
    easy to overdose on your 'priming' sugar, I'll show you how to get it
    right the first time

  • How To 'Bottle' Your Lager
    I'll show you how to use a special device to make it quick and easy
    to bottle each pint of your lager brew

  • How To Simulate the 'Lagering' Process
    I'll show you my 'Easy Chill Home Lagering System' which works brilliantly!
    You certainly won't need a 'chest freezer' and you won't need to add lots of ice
    to your bath tub!

  • The Science of Home Brewing
    I only include what you need to know, don't worry, it's easy!

  • The 'Biggest Secrets' in Home Brewing

  • My 'Top 2' Home Brewing Suppliers

     ...and so much more!


    I've also added some great FREE BONUS materials for you, including:

  • 'How To Use BrewTracker' Guide

  • 'BrewTracker' Spreadsheet (Track a Year's worth of Brews the Right Way!)

  • Example 'BrewTracker' Spreadsheet (I've filled one in to show you)

  • 'Getting Started' Guide

  • Home Brew Suppliers and Equipment Guide

  • A Great Lager Recipe

  • How To Grow Your Own Hops!

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    You'll also receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to the
    Official Hardcore Brewing Membership Site!

"I thought I knew quite a bit about brewing, after watching your DVD I realised how little I really knew about the correct brewing techniques to use and especially the science behind it all, thanks for making this DVD so useful and informative"

S Gladstone

"I can see that you've taken the subject of home brewing very seriously and that's definitely a good thing. Your DVD
is going to show people out there that brewing is not just
'a bit of fun' and that it involves many steps in order to achieve great quality results."

R Basten

"I followed your DVD to the letter and have now brewed my first batch. Amazing results, blew everyone away. Thanks for sharing all this great information!"

B Styles

"Your DVD has given newcomers to All Grain brewing the opportunity to get started and get brilliant results first time, great job Dan, you've done the home brewing community a real service here."

M Tamboullis

   Back cover of the DVD

This whole DVD package adds up to the VERY BEST and
' All Grain Home Brewing DVD Guide' available!

Without the 'step by step' help of this DVD the chances of you succeeding in
'All Grain Brewing' are very slim!

This DVD is intended for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Brewers,
so there's something for everyone. You won't find any 'fluff' or 'filler' on this
either, I present
only what you need to know and cover everything
in detail.

You can own this Lager Brewing DVD Package for the price of less than 7 pints
of your favourite lager! And with the help of this DVD you'll be able to brew almost
6 times
that many pints of your own superior tasting lager from home!

Picture the've just brewed your first batch of All Grain Lager and you've
got a friend over. You take 2 bottles of your ice cold brew out of the cooler, pop the caps and hand one to your friend. Eagerly, he takes a big swig and pauses for a moment to savour that delicious 'all grain' taste and enjoy that hoppy flavour.

He looks at you in astonishment..."How the heck did you brew this? It's awesome!"'ve just launched this guy into homebrew heaven!

Order This DVD Package TODAY!

"After watching your DVD I'm never going to buy another lager brewing kit or bother with 'extract brewing' again. I'm completely amazed at the results! The 'All Grain' brewing technique is simply brilliant."
H Hill

Here’s how to order your copy of this 'Lager Brewing DVD' Package...

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DVD Running Time:  approximately 57 minutes

Note to International Customers
We ship ‘Region Free DVDs to our international
customers which can be viewed on any international
DVD player, regardless of format

Enjoy the DVD.


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